Media and Crisis Training

The image or reputation of your organisation can stand or fall depending on how well you manage your contacts with the media.The idea of being “media trained” is not about turning you into a slick, smooth operator who never really engages with an interviewer.

Instead, media training is about making you feel in control of an encounter with a journalist. It helps you to say what YOU want to say, while at the same time making you aware of the various tricks and traps that a journalist might use to elicit information.

Speak-Easy media training sessions can help you to feel confident in an interview situation.

Speak-Easy crisis training sessions help you prepare for dealing with the media if a crisis should hit your organisation or company.

The Speak-Easy team is led by Cathy Smith.

After working for many years as a Brussels based news and political correspondent for both the BBC and Reuters-GMTV, she understands well the demands of the huge Brussels press corps. She was also a presenter of Britain’s Channel 4 News.

Clients include the International Criminal Court, European Commission, European Council, European Defence Agency, World Bank, BNP Fortis Paribas, Merck Serono, GSK.

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