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Richard is a consummate professional. Not only is he an exceptional voice talent, he always goes above and beyond to make sure that I have the tracks I need, when I need them. Richard takes direction to a tee and really deliver. I highly recommend Richard for any voiceover assignment that requires a truly talented professional.” Lou Maurio, producer for Goodnight Advertising, NY, USA

"The only problem with Richard is that he makes it look so easy and fast, that the client thinks that all jobs can and will go as smoothly.If you want to bill studio hours, for editing out mistakes & retakes, then Richard sucks big time.One piece of good advice, if the client is there for the voice over recording, you better have a good explanation why you budgeted about 3 times the recording and editing time." Fredo Govaert, Temple of Tune, Kuurne, Belgium

I worked with Richard for an exhibition called Lucas van Leyden and the Renaissance, and he did a great job. He was most collaborative, also helping with the editing of some last-minute changes to the English script. Not only does Richard have a very warm and beautiful voice, he is also a very nice person to work with - not unimportant if you're spending a few hours in the studio! I can recommend his work to everyone" Eleonore (Noortje) Heijboer Founder and Creative Director, Imagineear Amsterdam

Richard Wells is one of the fastest voice over artists I know. All his recordings for us were perfect. He´s one of the most booked voices in our database.Rainer Maria Ehrhardt, WorldWideVoices, Friedrichsdorf, Germany

"I think the fact that we're working with Richard and Cathy for so many years now says it all: It's great ! We have done so many projects together ranging from corporates to trailers, overdub's etc and it feels good every single time. For us it's not only the quality that counts but also the relationship we have as colleagues, understanding what is needed to get a job done." Marco, Studio Make, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Richard has always been a true joy to work with!  Very professional voice-over work with a quick turn around, what more could you ask for.  Maybe someone that's also a lot of fun to work with?  He's that too!  I'm so glad our professional paths have crossed.” Ida Rosa Williams, Phoenix, Arizona USA

"’J'affirme que la voix de Richard sur un animatic ou un narratif, a contribué de façon décisive, et plus d'une fois, à vendre nos idées " Jean-Luc Walraff Creative Director, JWT Brussels